In a continuous mood of general happiness at the moment which is just a brilliant feeling.

Only thing that is starting to let the slight unhappiness have a chance of taking over is Maths revision, knowing you've got a Maths exam in a matter of days is a pretty darn good way of making you feel pooey!
However, smiling, thinking happyhappyhappy thoughts and surrounding yourself with people that make you laugh all day long is just the perfect solution to the ever draining Maths.
Sounds ridiculously cheesy, and oh so typical annoying "how to be happy" bull, but i'm finding it works!

Hope the pictures put a smile on your lovely faces.
Speak soon, Lola.


  1. How lovely....the photographs.
    I do agree with you, a positive outlook makes life better. Perspective is everything, always.

  2. Love these pics !!! Hope you do well in exams :D