Opposite ends of the earth

Most likely need this playsuit at urban outfitters, happy as i am wrapping up in thick knits, warm boots and pretty coats for winter, at the moment i want nothing more than to wear this. Oh, curse Britain and its grey ceiling of a sky. What are everyone else's plans for the seemingly distant summer?


( tfs)

Sheila Marquez. Owner of the Chloe boots that are recurring theme in her streetstyle snaps. Contrast to my first belief that the boots in question hold some kind of all-knowing power *strokes chin* muahaha. Okay, maybe not. One thing this image has succeeded to do although, is make me fall in love with her pants. Yes, her pants! Probably the most covetable shade of beige of any of the many tailored leg accessories i've seen. Plus the cut is adorable, the length perfect. It seems Miss Marquez is an undeniably chic underdog to the present streetstyle icon which is, of course, Abbey Lee.

Ps. I Jak&Jill'ed the title, anybody notice? hehe

Pixie Wings.

Some rather lovely nude tones in this little combo a la pixie market. Currently addicted to Glee.If you've not started watching it yet then catch up on 4od. It's worth it, i promise.


Courtney Love has recently released pictures of Kurt Cobain, she said that this was her favourite photograph of him. I have to agree, it's beautiful. I have recently been learning some of the songs played by Nirvana at an acoustic gig they did in '93 or '94 in New York, on guitar that is. If you have time to check them out, then do. I've linked just one of the songs but you can get others in the related videos all the ones by soulspectre(ohh creepy) are good quality.. what am i saying..you know how it works just click!
ps. I hope none of you have been affected too badly by the snow, although at first magical it has now become a magical pain in the.. ice. Have an amazing week lovelys!

straight out of fantasy..


Layers of lace and chunky knits, this outfit has already mastered the salmon and pastel blue hues set for spring/summer 2010. I love this woman's lace overskirt, along with the little peachy trim that matches her shawl and the little bear is super kawaii! hehe. I have to admit i would not be brave enough to wear this hairstyle, i don't feel i have the right faceshape (does anyone else ever get that?) but i do love her hair with this ethereal ensemble, definitly editorial worthy and rather inspirational.