D is for Doe eyes

Black and Blue

Lily Donaldson, a model i've not seen a lot of recently in terms of Editorials and such. Nice to see her looking so good sporting the kind of outfit you can just live in, major comfort points here! Although not ground breaking, you can complain with a casual denim button-down and some black ankle boots, throw on a hat..yeh, you get the picture! Hope you're all having a good week!

Sun Flares..

Image via Nasa

No, i'm not referencing some kind of ultra-hip new leg accessorie likely to be sported by an Olsenbot (though in the near future maybe?). I am in fact, referring to the ethereal new images released by Nasa of our beautiful Sun! Galaxy print, meet your successor. Okay, okay..so some of you may be wondering why the sun is actually blue in this image, what the clever folks at Nasa have done is created false colours to determine different heats. Red is for cool, blue and green are for hot. You can actually see a Sun flare in the top left, an eruption from the Sun that stretches around 500,000 miles. So.. this is pretty amazing no??


Hope you're all having an amazing weekend.. or y'know, just a nice comfortable weekend..with lots of lazing around.

Bridge the gap

Some feirce Lara by Alasdair McLellan. The next few weeks are going to be packed with revision, which means procrastination is ahead, and as Edward Young said 'Procrastination is the theif of time'. Thanks Ed. Some good quotage there. Lara always manages to look captivating, she's essentially the anomolie of the industry, but i'm not complaining. Do any of my lovely followers have exams soon? :)

All smoke and mirrors.

Kate Moss by Ryan McGinley

Sunshine = Instant happiness.

First day back at college...and it was brilliant! Our college is pretty damn amazing right now, we have a Costa inside and this huge television screen in the student lounge which makes you feel like you're at the airport! Not to mention it's all full of sunshine and flowers and yay :) It was lovely to see everyone today, hope this good mood continues, gonna need it with the tonne of exams coming up! Hope your all having a great start to the week.


Chinese snap.

Had a brilliant day today! Went to Avenham park to do some egg rolling which was very funny and extremely scary, ducking every two minutes as you have easter eggs flying absolutley everywhere! Then we found a really cool gazebo where we played some very competitive chinese snap, which proved to be hilarious as there were only 3 people who knew what they were doing out of the 15 that were playing :') It was a wonderful day. Have you guys been up to anything for Easter?


You found a sweater on the ocean floor.

feeling like 3 wishes would be wonderful right now.

Got some lovely smelling things from Lush today, if you've never been definitely go. It just has the most wonderful fresh feeling, like summer..in a shop.. Can't wait to try them out, hope you're all having an eggtastic Easter weekend, oh god that was terrrible wasn't it, i apologise. I'm hopeless when it comes to jokes. Lame jokes are indeed my speciality. Anyway, i'm rambling..

Bagel conversations..

Would love to lie in a field like this for hours and just have mindless conversation.