Off Duty..


hmm..time to get out the scissors!
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Hey guys! a while since i have spoken to you, hope everyone had a fabulous weekend. I was out walking in Yorkshire, any one in England who knows where that is will know that it really is very boring! theres nothing but..sheep, sheep ooh and wait more frickin sheep! the first few baa's is cute but then they tend to get just a little bit annoying! we had like THE wierdest range of weather there was: wind, sunshine, rain..frost which i had to sleep in i swear i now have hypoythermia!..and more sunny sun! i even got sunburn! So yeh enough about me! Anyways hope you had a nice weekend..heres a few pics of the STAMSTER..hope you like..


SofiaSanchez and MauroMongiello

Myf Sheperd
Darya Kurovska


i love these pictures; so natural
Anna has an amazing face



I really like the shoes :)

coco we love you! Who said redheads should never wear pink?

isnt this outfit rather splendid..hmm..

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Has got to be one of my faveourite collections..ever..i never stop getting all excited whenever i see it, i honestly dont think i ever will..

Do you remember these shoes?

I have no idea how old this dress (Iris Van Herpen) but i still love it all the same :)

Ohmigod..*squeals* the cream dress is absolutley stunning..

I cant remember when i ever saw such a gorgeous pair of shorts! a nice change from all the grunge.

Such a beautiful collection from one of my all time faves..Alexandre Hertovitch..

Just some old stuff that deserves being posted, hope you enjoy..


Is'nt it wierd how you can feel so calm after looking at a few pictures..? It nice to sit down in front of your laptop with, obviously a mug of hot and just look at pictures for that a bit sad?


Dolce & Gabbana

Giorgio Armani

D & G

Alberta Ferretti

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I know that plaid is over done..blah blah..BUT..come on this outfit will never grow old for me. Its pure genius, i love it! all the jewels, the shoes, the jeans..the shirt, the bag..even the coke can! basically everything. hehe..

Just thought i would post some vintage olsen, makes me happy :)

I am in love with this outfit, absolute perfection.

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