black&white Mondays

With the price of clothing set to increase I find myself focusing on details, fabrics and fit more than ever, and with winter coming I want nothing more than warmth and comfort. Okay, maybe to look effortlessly cool too, non?

Reality Bites

Ph. here

Another Sunday night, before a very tired awakening to another Monday morning. College work is becoming more stressful as September drudges on and the workload begins to increase. However, a Monday morning starting with coffee with friends? That, I can handle. I hope you've all had good weekends, and if not then maybe brighten up your week with a little dancing a la the scene below from Reality Bites? If you haven't already seen it then I highly recommend it.

loosing all control

after a day filled with endless amounts of work and mindless tele, i feel completely drained. but sitting with a nice big mug of tea listening to some brilliant beach boys is making me feel just fineee
a round up of the week, college starting properly, taking days of college to go look at universities, getting up at insane hours to catch the train, having excellent days out in different cities with amazing people, realising how much you want to go traveling, realising that that sounds incredibly generic, but still wanting to travel so so bad.

oh, Iekeliene.

After the first few fleeting days of college, brightened by my smug I-already-know-my-way-around-the-corridors feeling, I can safely say I'm ready to sleep..forever! Okay, maybe just a few days.. hours? As expected I'm already drowning in homework, found a mini-me from the year below and come to the realisation that my frees are for doing work, not people watching whilst supping a coffee. Though one thing that has been plaguing me is the distinct lack of wintry weather! Anyone who lives in Britain knows that usually, September brings it's best friend, rain. So far,'s just sun, taunting sun all the time. Hopefully the time will come for the unveiling of coats and warm boots.

In the mean time I think I may just daydream about a makeover of my mini-me a la
Clueless, no? Oh, and admire the patterns and whimsical looks of Iekeleine Strange (did i just say WHIMSICAL? okay, enough now.)

i'm the ghost in the back of your head

So this week so far, college has well and truly started, and i must say, i'm rather glad. It's brilliant to see everybody everyday and getting back into studies is strangely refreshing. Anyways, I shant bore you with general school stuff, hope you're having a wonderful start to September.
Also hello to the new followers, and thank you to all of you wonderful people!