Bright and Shiny.

These photos pretty much summed up today for me, feeling the warmth of the sun and craving just the most unique and simply amazing bag i've seen in a rather long time.

It's been a quite a mellow day today, bagel and tea for breakfast, then onto some good ol' Maths Decision revision, oh the joys! Tomorrow should entail some more fun, not as much as the maths, lets not get ahead of ourselves ha, going to a barbque at a friends which should be lots of fun :)

Hope you're all having a lovely start to the weekend.


  1. They make me want to come back to Rome!
    Have a sunny day,

  2. I love them all!!
    But this weekend won't be as good as I hoped... I have so many exams... T-T!

  3. good luck studying! that was half for me and half for you...!
    I love those kind of days, bagel and tea would hit the spot right about now.