Like a rolling stone

Frida Gustavsson, looking free. It's seeming more and more logical to get myself a hat for summer, that is distincly anti-summer. Guess i'm just feeling rebellious ey? I don't know whether i'm pleased or disgruntled at harsh fact posed above this little paragraph, even when completely dressing down, Frida looks undeniably cool.
oh well, we can aspire, y'know?
(picture kidnapped from tfs)

Kulture 101: The Dreamers

Finally exams are over, and it was with great ease that i settled back into alternating cups of tea with afternoon naps. (yes, that's right, i'm actually an old woman).
I did however, manage to see "The Dreamers". Which, based on the book "the holy innocents" and directed by Bernardo Bertolucci, narrates the formation of what is essentially a cinephillic ménage a trois. Although explicit (definitely cringe-worthy when accompanied by parents) the cinematography, fashion and overall KULTURE is something to be appreciated.
Hollywood classics are referenced feverently, black and white scenes cut & pasted throughout and name dropping general cool-cats such as Bob Dylan, this film is pretty flyyy (bordering on pretentious). The outfits, particularly those worn by Theo and Isabelle are rife with parisien chic, it's set in paris, i did mention that right? see above for red berets and polo-necks-with-blazers, enough to make the trendies quake in their topshop clogs. Although the plot fizzles out towards a very abrubt (and slightly disorientating) ending, The Dreamers, set against the student riots in '68 is a well dressed, film buff's paradise and worth a gander.

Landscape under a stormy sky.

Vincent Van Gogh.
Really love this painting.


In a continuous mood of general happiness at the moment which is just a brilliant feeling.

Only thing that is starting to let the slight unhappiness have a chance of taking over is Maths revision, knowing you've got a Maths exam in a matter of days is a pretty darn good way of making you feel pooey!
However, smiling, thinking happyhappyhappy thoughts and surrounding yourself with people that make you laugh all day long is just the perfect solution to the ever draining Maths.
Sounds ridiculously cheesy, and oh so typical annoying "how to be happy" bull, but i'm finding it works!

Hope the pictures put a smile on your lovely faces.
Speak soon, Lola.

Bright and Shiny.

These photos pretty much summed up today for me, feeling the warmth of the sun and craving just the most unique and simply amazing bag i've seen in a rather long time.

It's been a quite a mellow day today, bagel and tea for breakfast, then onto some good ol' Maths Decision revision, oh the joys! Tomorrow should entail some more fun, not as much as the maths, lets not get ahead of ourselves ha, going to a barbque at a friends which should be lots of fun :)

Hope you're all having a lovely start to the weekend.

Going back home to the West Coast

A quick post before getting back to the joys of maintaining biodiversity hah.


Procrastination at the worst possible time.

Really, really should be revising right now.