Miranda July.

New Obsession.

le stripe..


they say dreaming doesnt get you anywhere..

It seems like technology just doesnt favour me at the moment, as you can see half the pictures have gone on holiday from my blog. Great. so i'm going to go get them back, in the mean time look at this pretty picture and think about how they got the mirror ball up in the tree! hehe
au revoir lovelys..

oh betty..

the lovely betty, last two pictures from her blog.
I'm in love with her scarf..got to thank weheartit for that first photo..i'm suffering from a real addiction to that website at the moment.. i hope all my followers are having a lovely weekend :)

four kicks..



I'm really liking these shots from Dazed & Confused.. not only because i love Sheila Marquez in all her amazing streetsyle-ey goodness but because they have that 90's vibe that is just instantly cool. The styling isnt anything special and it isnt even an editorial but the first pose..the tee..the boots..that hair.. :)

time for another addiction..

We all love the Olsen twins, i'm pretty sure of that and after craving items from Elizebeth and James, The Row and their wardrobe.. theres one more thing for me to wish i had. They are now expanding The Row line to include four styles of sunglasses. A classic metal aviator, an oversize square frame, vintage-inspired brow-line rims, and a pair of round shades taken from the Sixties.
ps. God, if you're listening..i'd like to win that 1 million now? or at least let one pair of those sunglasses fall from the sky into my hands..or on my face.. i dont care as long as i get them! please?

It never stops..

Credit. The Sartorialist. Tumblr.

Model Style..

Newcomer Frida Gustavsson has not only got legs that go on for days and half the fashion world pining over this fresh new face but pretty good streetstyle no?

image credit: tfs

Treat yourself to some nature..

And hey, the Nerdasaurus counts ;)

you know you're the same!

haha..never found a better way to put it..
I've been waiting for this since i was 11

clean cut but soft look..

As we slowly get over the huge hype of chains, studs and so-bleached-its-barely-visible acid wash its nice to see Lily sporting some good ol' classic pieces. Though Lily in a mini is nothing new i love the shirt, the colour is perfect.. I've been looking for the perfect silk shirt for a while now so if you see something along the lines of this then link me up! I'm loving the film star hair and makeup surfacing through the catwalks..side parting and waves a la Veronica Lake .
Anyway, enough rambling on my part.. im off to watch Rachel Zoe Project.. thanks Lulu!
I love being lazy :)

Ah the days of Skins.

black & white..

I've lost a follower on bloglovin :(


I saw this image a few days ago on The Sartorialist, and my god..i love it so much. From the colours, lighting, her hair..perfect. Just wanted to share.