Yellow and Blue.

Feeling a bit odd at the moment. Today was just a really nice day. Really nice. And for some odd reason i'm just feeling really low, kinda sucks..
Well i'm trying to cheer myself up. So far it's working, Marc Johns always amuses me. I thought i'd share with you guys the drawing which really made me smile, maybe because i'm choosing to believe there is a Bob that lived in a banana on wheels either way it's helped so yay!


It's officially the first day of the Easter holidays all is gooood :) It's about time, it started getting to that point where everything seemed so tiring and irritating so a 2 week break is the perfect solution.

Some really nice things happened this weekend, firstly on Saturday me and my sister had to cook (i rarely step into the kitchen for good reason). My sister is a rather good cook, me..well..lets not talk about me, i can just about make tea and toast! But we decided on making something easy, home made pizza. It was actually really humorous! We thought it would be 'fun' to put different ingredients onto one them, things that absolutley, most definitley do not go any where near things even slightly like pizzas, like jelly beans and blueberries...even..oh god..chocolate. Really gross, but hilarious.

It was also save earth hour, so all lights were out, no television or pc, we thought we would make a night of it so we made some really nice hot chocolate, with whippy cream, we bought especially, and put out the candles and some really yummy fruit :) It was loooovely. So that's my weekend. You guys been up to much?


London Bus.


Credit. Tumblr.

The feeling that can only be described as pink.

So it's Wednesday morning and all is good. I thought i'd post a picture which just made me feel lovely! Had a really great weekend, Saturday went into a coffee house to meet up with friends, one which i hadn't properly seen in ages! It was so refreshing just to talk, sit and relax and genuinely have a wonderful time just laughing, without having to worry about work or silly things like that! Spent 3 and half hours there! Can't wait to do it again :) What have you guys been up to over the weekend? Must dash, got to catch the bus before i miss it, have a good day :)

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Woke up early to a something which has been pretty much non-existent in the lives of Prestonians for the last 6 months! The beautiful, sunny sunny sun :) Was lovely to see it smiling on a beautiful Sunday morning. Everything seems so much more better when you wake up in a lovely mood. Today calls for nothing except for a long bath reading a good book and generally feeling pretty darn good :) Life is lovely.
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When I'm in the woods.

The Satorialist.