inspiration on a dull day..


i hear in my mind all of these words..


i love the styling in this editorial by thomas schenk.
Hope all of my lovely followers are having a good week :)
credit: thomas schenk


I loved the makeup in that first shot, so i thought i'd share it..
it's been a slow week, with too many tiring exams but i only have one left now..yay!
so i should be posting more frequently..

It's a lazy day

It's one of those days where you just want to sit inside looking at pictures like these. I found these delightful things here via coccinelle.


I have recieved this very cool award from the lovely iris from
i now have to pass the award onto seven other bloggers but i will only be doing a few..
i also have to list seven things about me..
1. I love doing photoshoots..both "modelling" and being behind the camera.
2. Love meeting friends for a coffee on a Sunday morning.
3. Wanting to travel all around the world.
4. Really like spending a day just reading..(harry potter).
5. Having movie marathons.
6. My blog and my amazing followers!
7. My friends..
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i recieved this award a little while back from the amazingly amazing blog Heart in a Cage

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