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Sheila Marquez. Owner of the Chloe boots that are recurring theme in her streetstyle snaps. Contrast to my first belief that the boots in question hold some kind of all-knowing power *strokes chin* muahaha. Okay, maybe not. One thing this image has succeeded to do although, is make me fall in love with her pants. Yes, her pants! Probably the most covetable shade of beige of any of the many tailored leg accessories i've seen. Plus the cut is adorable, the length perfect. It seems Miss Marquez is an undeniably chic underdog to the present streetstyle icon which is, of course, Abbey Lee.

Ps. I Jak&Jill'ed the title, anybody notice? hehe

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  1. gorgeous
    yes i did notice but i wasnt going to say anything, haha
    love ure blog..always :)