oh, Iekeliene.

After the first few fleeting days of college, brightened by my smug I-already-know-my-way-around-the-corridors feeling, I can safely say I'm ready to sleep..forever! Okay, maybe just a few days.. hours? As expected I'm already drowning in homework, found a mini-me from the year below and come to the realisation that my frees are for doing work, not people watching whilst supping a coffee. Though one thing that has been plaguing me is the distinct lack of wintry weather! Anyone who lives in Britain knows that usually, September brings it's best friend, rain. So far, nothing..it's just sun, taunting sun all the time. Hopefully the time will come for the unveiling of coats and warm boots.

In the mean time I think I may just daydream about a makeover of my mini-me a la
Clueless, no? Oh, and admire the patterns and whimsical looks of Iekeleine Strange (did i just say WHIMSICAL? okay, enough now.)


  1. good to hear that its just sun! heading back to england in a couple of days so hope it stays that way!
    cute blog :)

  2. love this photo of iekeleine!