that time of year

a few more days and then it's back to the world of academia. oh joy.

i really want to finally get round to doing all the small things i've been wanting to do for so long, but never really have. i want to grow all kind of vegetable and flower plants, all from tiny seeds. i want to finally buy a pair of those brilliant binoculars that allow you to see the moon and stars ever so clearly. and i really really want to become excellent at cooking! i've recently grown to love it, i find it rather soothing; which is completely the oppposite of what i used to find it - hell, that is. i want to get to the stage where you dont have to measure things, and from instinct you know how much herbs or how much flour to put in, or be able to make a dish which is just utterly gorgeous from the little ingredients you have in your fridge! ahhh i feel so excited to learn something new.

anyway, hope you're all enjoying the last week of summer.