behats i would like very much to see you

finally. a productive day has emerged from the seemingly endless days filled with nothing but what can only be described as utter laziness. started reading mao's biography today, which to be fair, isn't half bad. not the most riveting read lets be honest. but nonetheless not bad, not baddd. thinking i maybe should've started earlier considering i have about abother 36219 books to read on china.

oh well, its been brilliant not to have to worry about work. literally brilliant.

but all good things must eventually come to an end. the aforementioned 'brilliance' most certainley has. a huge feeling of what can only be described as horror has more than happily taken its place. results in less than a week, oh jeeeesus; a pretty damn lenghty dissertation on china has to be completed, the list really is endless. oh dear lord why oh why must the summer holidays be so stressful.

if you read this - then i'm sorry for my mini realisation that i'm slowly becoming a failure. hope the calming photos make up. also foals' new album is making the stress subside a little i guess - spanish sahara <3


  1. I am in bath tub full of documents and I am not coping. Mind you that I am on the other side of the world, somewhere much closer to China. But we're not a couple of failures. That you ransacked the internet (or your personal photo collection) and found the last photo is proof that we are not.

    Whatever happened to our sanity?

  2. I've been unproductive the last two days (including today)...but I do adore those pics, especially the first one.