clean cut but soft look..

As we slowly get over the huge hype of chains, studs and so-bleached-its-barely-visible acid wash its nice to see Lily sporting some good ol' classic pieces. Though Lily in a mini is nothing new i love the shirt, the colour is perfect.. I've been looking for the perfect silk shirt for a while now so if you see something along the lines of this then link me up! I'm loving the film star hair and makeup surfacing through the catwalks..side parting and waves a la Veronica Lake .
Anyway, enough rambling on my part.. im off to watch Rachel Zoe Project.. thanks Lulu!
I love being lazy :)


  1. Love those shoes! Amazing and simple!

    Ahaha, love Rachel Zoe! Going to watch it now as well~

  2. stunning! and such gorgeous red lips x x

  3. omg i saw a pic of her on and nearly dies. that hair, that skin those lips that red with that outfit, i died. i am officially on the hunt for a silk shirt, red lipstick and sky high heels,its time to bring sexy back, its time to take femininity back:)xxx

  4. she looks perfect. and i'm also on the hunt to find the perfect silk shirt, and wouldn't mind Lily's shirt :)