Has got to be one of my faveourite collections..ever..i never stop getting all excited whenever i see it, i honestly dont think i ever will..

Do you remember these shoes?

I have no idea how old this dress (Iris Van Herpen) but i still love it all the same :)

Ohmigod..*squeals* the cream dress is absolutley stunning..

I cant remember when i ever saw such a gorgeous pair of shorts! a nice change from all the grunge.

Such a beautiful collection from one of my all time faves..Alexandre Hertovitch..

Just some old stuff that deserves being posted, hope you enjoy..


  1. I love the first dresses, they are beautiful

  2. i'm in compleat lve with the first dress... after seing it on keira i could not thinck there could exit something better!!!


  3. If this really is your all time favorite designer, I think you should have bother to check the spelling of the namne. "Alexandra" is a man, and hi's name is Alexandre Hercovitch.

  4. oh wow those shorts are completely adorable !
    & yes, that collection will never be forgotten, that's for sure .. it's so intriguing, practically haunting, yet still very appealing .

  5. it is such a well crafted collection.
    i mean, every single detail is so ornate, so intricate .
    it's reminiscent of the times of the couturiers of yore .

  6. Johanna- dont bother commenting on a blog if all you are going to do is critisise it. Its quite sad..and you've spelt your comment wrong too...(hi's)insted of (his) .. hypocrite..

    i love this blog
    its amazing
    keep posting!


  7. Hello Johanna, wow you seem real nice! sorry it was kinda late at night when i posted and i got ONE letter mixed up, ill double check next time, just for you! :)


  8. Sarah, why so agressive? I'm definitely not critisising this blog, I'm just doing a correction - like you did with my clumpsy spelling, sorry but I'm Swedish:) I think Lola-Elise is doing a great job with her blog, don't understand why YOU bother that much over my comment. Besides, the number one thing you have to take as a blogger and writer is critisism, positive and negative.

    To Lola: I'm sorry if my comment sounded any rude :)